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Seeking Psychotherapy?

I'm not a good fit for certain people and issues. So please read carefully: 

  • I am not accepting patients coping with addiction, or anyone with any pending or anticipated legal issues. If you are working with an attorney now, have any current or anticipated legal issues, I am not a good fit. Please seek a provider that does forensic work.

  • Similarly, if you are seeking an evaluation, or any form of documentation, this is not my focus or forté - with one exception, I do provide baratric pre-surgical evaluations. Please navigate back to the home page, and proceed for this service. 

  • I am not accepting patients with a personality disorder, bipolar disorder or those with a historical pattern of interpersonal conflict or arguing. 

  • Similarly, I am not accepting patients with brain injurysuicidal ideation, a serious eating disorder or a recent history of self-harm

  • I'm not a good fit for someone primarily seeking CBT or medications

I am accepting new patients who have anxiety, stress, panicdepression, and/or relationship problems. Anyone with trauma, stormy emotions, or issues related to finding purpose, meaning, sorting out spirituality, sexual orientation, are welcome. So too is anyone on the autistic spectrum, and anyone coping with attention deficitcultural factors, or first-generation.

It's certainly normal, smart, appropriate to want to know more about a potential therapist.
Please know, it's perfectly OK to meet one time and go from there. I'm humanistic, believe in the power and importance of compassion and listening. I'm very into the work of Carl Jung and depth psychology. I support patients' collaboration with all allied professions: medical / psychiatric, acupunture, and stronly encourage yoga, sports, nature, and all engagement in paths to deepen the mind-body connection, etc. To learn more about my professional orientation or background, please check 'clinical supports' or my book. The Bruised Heart - thank you. 


To get started, we need to get you access to TherapyNotes® "a web-based platform that provides practice management software for psychologists in order to securely manage records, book appointments, write notes, bill" etc. 

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 1.25.56 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 1.25.47 PM.png

There's a little back-and-forth required, but hopefully we can complete this quickly. And often we can, within a week. The very first step is to click TherapyNotes and "Request an Appointment".  Don't worry about the day/time. Choose any time slot - any day,  any hour.  We will likely change it.  This is the only way for to initiate access to TherapyNotes' portal. I then send a 'welcome' thing. Next, you will please do step to access my portal thing...  Then I send the background & insurance forms.  A few steps, unfortunately! Please feel free to email (winyahn@gmail) if I'm delayed responding!  I look forward to meeting you!

Finally, I use Venmo or Ivy payments for co-pays. 



Clinical Supports

The Bruised Heart


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