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Where else to look for services?

Searchable database

In the past, many people seeking psychotherapy in the Gainesville, Florida area have found the following helpful:  1) the above searchable database 2) for urgent needs, the Alachua County Crisis Center, 3) Sage counseling/Dr. Jen Martin, 4) Dr. Angela Koivula 5) Dr. Eric Diamond, 6) Lori Tucker has an excellent reputation, 7) Haile Market Therapy, 8) the Psychology Today site.


For Psychiatry, consider HCA Florida North Florida Hospital psychiatry services. I am affiliated with this teaching hospital. The Medical School is actually through UCF in Orlando, and called the UCF Psychiatry Program (352) 332-0902.

With Tele-health, it's possible to work with a provider anywhere in the same state. Searching major cities within the same state is worth considering. 


Clinical Supports

The Bruised Heart


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