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Do you have a bruised heart? Ever been told, you need to talk to someone? That you're too emotional? Do problems date back many years? Too many days and too much time stressed and overwhelmed? Too much fear, panic or anger? Hungry for lasting change?


Emotional storms hold us back. But healthy emotions are exquisite! Deep, open and free emotional capacities give life meaning and joy. These seeds within can become the source and essence of closeness, trust and love.


Traditional frames of reference may hurt more than help. Classical anxiety and depression diagnoses fall short. They distort the truth of what is damaged as well as the potential for radical healing.


A better map for the bruised heart is “emotional trauma”. Through the stories of multiple clients, Dr. Schroder builds a case for the potential in emotional brokenness to bring about genuine transformation. His clients' journeys breathe life into the powerful 'new paradigm' in neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry.


Graphics and diagrams make this new science of the heart vivid and accessible. Emotional trauma, seen clearly and courageously, is ultimate trauma. This lucid map lights the path to psychological healing and, further, to spiritual transformation.

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