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The Neurobiology of Spiritual Awakening

Written with an inviting, warm-hearted voice, this creative and helpful integration of neuroscience and attachment theory gives us new ways to think and feel about mindfulness, transformation - and ourselves.

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

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“Dr. Schroder eloquently explores the human psyche with its mysterious energies, emotional upheavals, pains, disturbances of self, joy, love and compassion. In a voice that is skillful, erudite, humorous and poetic he intimately brings us in touch with two attachments. What seems contradictory at first arcs to remarkably deep insights literally embodied in the construct of Buddha’s Mom.” 

Sabine Grunwald, PhD., Director

University of Florida Mindfulness Program


Author- Vincent Schroder

I grew up in Florida. When I was a kid many of my father’s international students wove in out of our lives and sometimes lived with us. My mom loved opening our home to people of all persuasions and was intent on her children opening their hearts in the same manner. Sylvie (from France) and Yuriko (from Japan) lived with us. They remained very close to my mom and dad over the years, eventually sending photos of husbands and babies. Preecha (from Thailand) was often at our house working on my dad’s Renault Carravelle and remained in close touch. A Canadian Christian monk once lived with us while working on a massive book on saints. Despite being homeless and having no money, he was selected to be my godfather. He and my mom practiced contemplative prayer/meditation. They were big fans of Thomas Merton. As far as I could tell, their god and spirituality was bigger than any one religion. We lived in England when I was 14. A few months after turning 18, I left for the University of Hawaii. Later I made many trips with very little money around parts of Asia. I was living with friends from Hawaii one summer in Thailand when I met my now wife. We have three monsters and endless challenges and blessings.

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