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Need a Bariatric Psych Eval?

I am licensed in Florida and Colorado. 
I accept Florida Blue, Tricare and Medicare.  Alternatively, out of pocket / fee-for-service is $500

There are three steps:  
1) you complete forms
2) we meet by telehealth for 45 minutes
3) I complete and send the report to your surgeon

To get started - do step 1. Then my billing person, Sydney, will check your insurance. You will please'request an appointment' - don't worry about the day/time - we will change it if we we need to. This is necessary for you to access the TherapyNotes portal, so I can then send you the insurance form.   


Feel free to text and let me know your name, and that you have done this pls, 352-372-9797.  

General info: How much? How long? What do I do? Why? A psych eval is required by Blue Cross, Medicare and many insurance companies. The reason for this is: “Psychological evaluation of patients before bariatric surgery is a critical step, not only to identify contraindications for surgery, but also — and more so — to better understand their motivation, readiness, behavioral challenges, and emotional factors that may impact their coping and adjustment through surgery and the associated lifestyle changes.”


Clinical Supports

The Bruised Heart


NEXT - After you complete the Intake, pls call/text to schedule a 45 minute Zoom or FT meeting. Then please download, complete these FOUR forms:

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