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Are you accepting new patients?

Click, if ready to complete the intake, and meet.


Yes! I have openings. But first, please complete this Intake form. I want to make sure I'm even potentially a good fit. I value your time, as well as my own. If it looks like I might be a good fit and vice versa, I usually get in touch in a day or two. 

More about seeking services and being a "good fit"

I do take a few new patients every month. As stated, I really care who I work with, and want to maximize the chance of success. I also want to minimize the chance of delaying anyone's efforts to get started or find someone that can really help.


If you decide to complete the Intake Form, first of all, thank you. Secondly please know I may not respond. I will review it and get in touch if I think we should set up an initial meeting. 


As far as a good fit, many of my clients that I was able to help (them help themselves) were initially overwhelmed by life, for example, with intense anxiety, relationship problems, background trauma or family-of-origin/ongoing problems. Many were performing far below their potential and made major transformations both outwardly with the people they value in their lives and inwardly in terms of peace, stability, enthusiasm and confidence.


Often people whom I've worked with have been their own worst enemy, and in addition to current-day struggles have deep-seated emotional wounds rooted in childhood. Of course, there are no guarantees whatsoever. But if some of these descriptions seem to apply to you, please work hard to connect with a therapist whom you feel cares and understands.


I'm not a good fit for some people that are seeking CBT, that have suicidality, substance dependence, are dealing with legal challenges, are mainly seeking medications, for ex., for ADHD, Bipolar D/O, or who need some sort of report or documentation. 


Want to see some pics of my family & me? 



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