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My professional focus is on early adulthood - undergraduate and graduate college students and early career professionals. Please read this before completing the 'seeking therapy' form.

*Unfortunately I'm often not able to provide a more personalized initial conversation for people who reach out to me. I feel uncomfortable to receive voicemails and emails and not be able to respond in a meaningful manner. I primarily work at the University of Florida and outside of this do psychological evaluations. I do take a few new patients every month, and try hard to make sure I am a good fit and will be helpful. If you decide to complete this form, first of all thank you. And secondly please know I may not respond. I will review it. Then depending on 1) your issues/goals, insurance and availability, 2) my availability and sense of whether if I might be a good fit, I will decide whether to reach out and see if we can line up an initial consultation. In general, my professional focus is on young adults, for example, undergraduate and graduate college students and early career professionals. I have had the honor of helping many amazing young adults, especially in the past five years, and honed my skills in this regard. Many of my clients were initially overwhelmed by life, for example, with intense anxiety, relationship problems, background trauma or family-of-origin/ongoing problems. Many were performing far below their potential and made major transformations both outwardly with the people they value in their lives and inwardly in terms of peace, stability, enthusiasm and confidence. Often people whom I've worked with have been their own worst enemy, and in addition to current-day struggles have deep-seated emotional wounds rooted in childhood. Of course, there are no guarantees whatsoever. But if some of these descriptions seem to apply to you, please work hard to connect with a therapist whom you feel cares and understands.

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In the past, many people seeking psychotherapy have found the following helpful. In the Gainesville area I think very highly of Sage counseling/Dr. Jen Martin. Dr. Angela Koivula and Dr. Eric Diamond are also fantastic psychologists. Ms. Lori Tucker has an excellent reputation. UF's CWC provider database ( is worth checking. Patient's comfortable with tele-health should also consider The search tools can be very helpful for finding a match. Potentially patients can meet with providers in Miami, Orlando, Tampa.


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