Dr. Vincent Schroder        
    Clinical Psychologist         
Author of:
Buddha's Mom: The Neurobiology of Spiritual Awakening   

The tender tale of Siddhartha (the boy who becomes the beloved Buddha) accelerates toward ever more clarity in the mirror of Vajrayana and Tantric Buddhism.  Multiple, modern perspectives add precision to the arc of Siddhartha’s liberating release.  Through his own biological attachment, the aspiration of a neurobiology of spiritual awakening is possible.  This is consistent with evolutionary theory and emerging areas in neuroscience, and finds an evocative unity with the somatic practices of Tibetan Buddhism.  Referred to here as ‘Buddha’s Mom’, our human lineage provides a post-religious model of transmission, even finding compatriots in the unsung feminine energies bearing on luminaries as varied as Socrates, Jesus, Rumi, Milarepa, Dogen and Hongzhi.

Vincent Schroder PSYD

Licensed Psychologist PY6063
2630 NW 41st Street, D-3

Gainesville, FL 32606



Our office is close to the Bank of America on NW 43rd Street. Go east on the small road on the northside of the bank, NW 27th Lane.  (If you're coming from 39th Ave, you would be taking a left, and if you're coming from Newberry Avenue, you'd turn right on to this small road).  Go one block and then before the stop sign, turn right into the parking lot for Fox Bridge II. Park wherever you’re able. Look for the sign, or for Suite D-3. 

Recommended authors

Ken Wilber
Carl Jung
Reggie Ray
Sri Aurobindo
Fritz Perls
Antonio Damasio
Steven Levine
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Milton Erickson
Stephen Gilligan
Dalai Lama
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Licensed Psychologist PY6063
    State of Florida

Licensed Psychologist PSY607
    State of Hawaii

Adjunct Professor of Psychology
    Saint Leo University

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Most Insurance Accepted
(In-network, BCBS Preferred Provider)

No-insurance / Fee-for-service Accepted
For help with
• Overwhelming stress, emotional healing and renewal
• A longing for meaning, coherence, integration, vitality and power
• Persistent depression, fatigue, social withdrawal, hopelessness
• Relationship conflict and imbalance - excessive argument, turmoil, impasse, selfishness
• Trauma and loss - illness, chronic pain, injury, death
• Emotional problems arising from sexual and physical abuse and neglect
• Major life changes, separation, divorce, new relationship, change in work status, relocation
• Anxiety and panic attacks
• Low self-esteem, negativity
• Anger, resentment, hostility
• Spiritual crisis or dysphoria, a search for meaning, coherence, vitality
For goals such as
• Mindfulness, more consistent awareness of the moment
• Increased stability, decreased chaos     Better grounding in reality
• Refinement of ultimate concerns within love and work contexts
• Mindful agency, taking action, implementation of objectives
• More consistency, discipline and    enjoyment relating to healthy ritual, for example, yoga, meditation,             weightlifting, exercise
• Limit-setting & assertiveness within    intimate relationships
• Clarity and a sense of release from   dysfunctional early life experiences
• Expansion of humor, compassion,        courage, serenity and hope

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